From the town centre to the site of the conference (Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning)

Due to some difficulties with ordinary local buses in replacement of the tramway under reconstruction, we decided to organize shuttles on each morning (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) from the town center to Campus II.

There will be two shuttles (see the map below or see here for a larger map).

— The shuttle 1, at the location denoted as "shuttle 1" on the map (Rue de Geole, in front of the BNP and the Quick Restaurant). It will be at location "shuttle 1" at 8:15 and leaves at 8:25 for Campus II. The shuttle arrives at 8:45 at Campus II.

— The shuttle 2, at the location denoted as "shuttle 2" on the map (between Eglise Saint Pierre and the Castle). It will be at location "shuttle 2" at 8:20 and leaves at 8:30 for Campus II. It arrives at 8:45 at Campus II.

Shuttles for the train station (Saturday)

We organize two buses at the end of the conference, on Saturday March 3.

The buses leave Campus II after the light meal, at 14:10 and arrive at the Train station at 14:30. Then, you can easily take the train to Paris at 14:54.

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