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Coming to Caen (and leaving...)

Caen can be reached from Paris by express trains in about two hours. You can check the SNCF website.

Local airport of Caen-Carpiquet has some flight possibilities notably via a connection through Lyon which gives direct access to some german towns (see for instance Beware that there are no flight departing from Caen-Carpiquet airport to Lyon on Saturday afternoon, March 3 (but there are flights on Sunday, March 4).

The town is easily accessible by car. Paris is 220 km from Caen (autoroute de Normandie – A13).


The SNCF website was until recently unable to allow people to purchase train tickets fro Paris to Caen, but it is now possible.

The travel time is around 2 hours (in the normal range from 1h50 to 2h20 - see below).

Please note that reservation is not mandatory for Caen-Paris trains, and normally the trains on Saturday March 3 or Sunday March 4, there is no problem to find a vacant seat on the train.

The schedule of the trains after the end of conference are (departure from Caen, arrival at Paris St Lazare):

  • Saturday, March 3, 2018:
    • 14h54 - 17h28
    • 16h07 - 18h19
    • 17h07 - 19h18
    • 19h11 - 21h28
  • Sunday, March 4, 2018:
    • 8h54 - 11h17
    • 10h07 - 12h49
    • 13h07 - 15h17
    • 14h54 - 16h48
    • 16h07 - 18h19
    • 17h07 - 19h18
    • 17h54 - 19h49
    • 18h07 - 21h45
    • 20h07 - 22h19
    • 21h24 - 23h18

Local transportation in Caen

IMPORTANT: Please note we are organizing a shuttle service from town centre to the site conference on Thursday morning, Friday morning and saturday morning, and also a shuttle from the conference site to the rail station after the light lunch on Saturday.


Still if you want or need to take the bus. Please note there are some complications for moving around in Caen by bus:

  • The tramway (alas!) is no longer functioning since 1st January 2018. It will be a small consolation for most of the participants you to know that we will have a brand new one in 2020...
  • However there is a replacement service with buses.

The two interesting lines for you are a priori Bus A and Bus A express. However, the line bus A express does not exist during STACS conference (because there are school holidays). Thus, there only remains the line A.

Directions from the rail station to the conference site (or town centre):

Note that, when going from the rail station to the conference site (Campus 2), the buses cross the town center. For instance you can get off at "Quatrans" (for hotel des quatrans, François d’O) or "Bellivet" (for hotel du Chateau, hotel Royal).

  • Take the Bus "BUS A" at stop "Gare SNCF Rue d'Auge" in direction of Campus 2 (this is a 2 minutes walk from the rail station)
  • Get off at stop Campus 2 (Caen)
    Duration of the bus travel: around 30 minutes 

Directions from the conference site to the rail station (or town centre):

  • Take the Bus "BUS A" at stop "Campus 2" in direction of "Ifs Jean Vilar"
  • Get off at stop "Gare SNCF Rue d'Auge" for the rail station, or stop "Quatrans" (for hotel des quatrans, François d’O) or stop "Bellivet" (for hotel du Chateau, hotel Royal)

You can find more information about the transportation system in Caen:


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