Travel information

Coming to Caen (and leaving...)


The SNCF website was until recently unable to allow people to purchase train tickets fro Paris to Caen, but it is now possible.

The travel time is around 2 hours (in the normal range from 1h50 to 2h20 - see below).

Please note that reservation is not mandatory for Caen-Paris trains, and normally the trains on Saturday March 3 or Sunday March 4, there is no problem to find a vacant seat on the train.

The schedule of the trains after the end of conference are (departure from Caen, arrival at Paris St Lazare):

  • Saturday, March 3, 2018:
    • 14h54 - 17h28
    • 16h07 - 18h19
    • 17h07 - 19h18
    • 19h11 - 21h28
  • Sunday, March 4, 2018:
    • 8h54 - 11h17
    • 10h07 - 12h49
    • 13h07 - 15h17
    • 14h54 - 16h48
    • 16h07 - 18h19
    • 17h07 - 19h18
    • 17h54 - 19h49
    • 18h07 - 21h45
    • 20h07 - 22h19
    • 21h24 - 23h18

Bus: moving around in Caen

For local transportation in Caen, please have a look at the venue page.

Please note we are organizing a shuttle service form town centre to the site conference on Thursday morning, Friday morning and and saturday morning.

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